What Are AP Classes?


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AP Classes
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Sergio Paez serves as a human resources director with Leominster Public Schools. Having dedicated his life to cultivating excellence in the field of education, Sergio Paez is passionate about Advanced Placement (AP) programs.

AP programs usually start during a student’s junior or senior year, though some schools will have limited offerings at lower grade levels. These courses consist of college-level subject material in a given field and prepare students for College Board exams that test subject material competency. AP courses are more rigorous and demanding than a school’s non-AP courses, and can even lead to scholarship opportunities.

In addition, AP courses provide college credit, accepted at most regionally accredited colleges and universities. Students who have already shown aptitude in a given field thrive in AP classes, while students who are pressured to participate in AP courses for subjects they do not do well in often fail the exams. Students do best when they strike a healthy balance between regular and AP courses, avoiding both boredom and excessive difficulty.